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Our team

A collaborative and innovative team that takes projects to the next level. People who turn ideas into reality.

Development services

Our development team takes part in exciting and challenging projects that drive the digital innovation of the financial sector.

We’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Pedro Aznar

Engineering Manager at Sabadell Digital

Director of Applesfera

The people, the team and the brand commitment constitute our differential value

Nuria Gallardo

Director of Development Delivery Services RACN

What do we do in our team?

Analysis and Design of Applications

We work closely with our business analysts to understand the requirements and design innovative and secure technology solutions that enhance our applications.

Applications Development

We manage the development of high-quality banking applications, implementing advanced features and ensuring optimal performance.

Maintenance and Optimisation

We are responsible for managing the ongoing maintenance and optimisation of our existing applications, contributing the best solutions and ensuring their stability and availability.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

We manage the implementation of robust security measures in our banking applications, protecting confidential data and complying with the banking security standards and regulations.

Life Cycle Management

We manage the life cycle of the applications, ensuring continuous upgrades and enhancements.

Research and Adoption of Technology

We update your knowledge of the latest trends and developments in application development management, constantly seeking opportunities to apply new technologies and approaches to our projects.

Collaboration and Communication

We work in a collaborative environment, interacting with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the success of the banking application projects.

Technological services

Our technology infrastructure team plays a critical role in designing, implementing and managing the infrastructure that supports our banking operations.

Constant challenges and opportunities; with us, you can become anything you set your mind on

Mónica Rafecas

Public Cloud Director

What do we do in our team?

Network and System Management

We are responsible for guaranteeing the optimal functioning of our network and servers, ensuring their security and compliance with the regulations.

Data Centre Operations

We are responsible for maintaining the availability and reliability of our data centre, including the management of backups and disaster recovery processes.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We are involved in the evaluation and implementation of cloud infrastructure services, optimising their use and ensuring their scalability.

Cybersecurity and Protection of Information

We contribute to keeping our technological assets and customer data secure, implementing security measures and responding to security incidents.

IT Service Management

We work in close collaboration with other IT teams to ensure efficient and high-quality service provision, managing incidents, problems and changes.

Management of Suppliers

We are involved in the evaluation and selection of technology suppliers, ensuring their performance and compliance with service-level agreements.

Technological Planning and Strategy

We contribute to the strategic planning of our technological infrastructure, evaluating new technologies and trends to drive innovation and improve efficiency.