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Sabadell Digital

Committed to innovation
and technological
and digital progress.

Get to know us

Who we are

Sabadell Digital was born with a clear objective: to take banking technology to another level. We provide innovative solutions for all our businesses, relying on the latest technology and our ability to innovate.

This is possible thanks to the people who make up our team, who push the boundaries of technology the limits of technology and are able to ‘make things happen’, ensuring maximum quality and efficiency.

Our way of making things happen


We empower digital talent

Here, talent generates more talent, fostering collaboration and the creation of joint solutions. Thanks to a cutting-edge and collaborative team that adds value to everything we do, this is our community of digital and technological talent.


We innovate with a purpose

Our experience is the basis of our innovation. Every decision reflects our knowledge and commitment to doing things in a unique and conscious way. We don’t just do things well, we do them differently and always with an innovative approach.


We bring value to our customers

We understand our customers’ challenges and offer them innovative solutions at all times. Every client is a priority, and their success is our commitment. We strive to provide the best service and exceptional results.

Our talent selection process


1. Shall we talk?

We will contact you to get to know us and give you more details.


2. We share

In person or online interview to deepen your concerns and answer all your questions.


3. Is it a match?

It is the opportunity to meet the Hiring Manager, align expectations and evaluate if you fit into our project.


4. Your place is in Sabadell Digital!

Excited? You are one of us! We present you with a proposal with attractive benefits.