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Sabadell Digital if you are looking for…

  • Join a multidisciplinary and expert team
  • Leading cutting-edge technology projects with a high impact
  • Pushing your boundaries and boos your career
  • Working with flexibility, supported by an advanced home office model

Opportunities to join the Sabadell Digital team

At Sabadell Digital we have a purpose: to raise the excellence of the digital services we offer to each client. That’s why everyone adds up to something unique, and at Sabadell Digital we know that. Here, continuous learning and the delivery of high-impact projects are a must. Innovation is our driving force, and that’s why we want top players for this digital challenge.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the team?


Delivery Manager

If you know that a sprint_ is much more than running, your place is in Sabadell Digital.


You will be in charge of delivering projects in due time and form, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and managing resources, budgets and partners. With previous experience in complex environments, knowledge of the software development lifecycle, project management skills and a focus on innovation, you will become a key part of the team.


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Application Manager

If for you Java_ is not only an island, your place is in Sabadell Digital.


You will lead teams and guarantee the operational efficiency and the technical excellence of your applications. With talent for complex project management and solid knowledge of software development, APIs, microservices and technologies such as Java, .NET and SQL, you will be at the forefront of technological innovation in Sabadell Digital.


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Infrastructure Manager

If the word cloud_does not make you think only about the sky, your place is in Sabadell Digital.


You will be responsible for assuring the availability, performance and security of our systems. You will also lead external teams and give support to our Business Partners and application Managers. With a passion for hardware, middleware, application architecture, communications or Cloud technologies, as well as communication and problem-solving skills. You will be central to the success of our technological infrastructure.


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Our team tells you about it

We are normal people doing extraordinary things.

Pedro Aznar

Engineering Manager at Sabadell Digital

Applesfer Director

The people, the team and the brand commitment are our differential value

Nuria Gallardo

Director of Development Delivery Services RACN

Our talent selection process


1. Shall we talk?

We will contact you to get to know us and give you more details.


2. We share

In person or online interview to deepen your concerns and answer all your questions.


3. Is it a match?

It is the opportunity to meet the Hiring Manager, align expectations and evaluate if you fit into our project.


4. Your place is in Sabadell Digital!

Excited? You are one of us! We present you with a proposal with attractive benefits.